LEFT My competition entry photograph. RIGHT Close up of the French Engineer Officer.

How to Drive Yourself

February was the month of the Pendraken painting competition and the temptation was too great to resist picking out a suitable recruit from the new arrivals to attempt a competition entry. I thought also that this was the perfect opportunity to see how far I could push my brush work in some sort of direction without driving myself completely crazy. That’s to say, to see how much of that pesky piping I could actually paint. The process was certainly a mixture of fun and frustration. And yet again the unforgiving camera lens took no prisoners. At the close of play, my entry didn’t even feature on a long list never mind the short list. Well, it’s the taking part that counts. As they say. However, definitely the best thing about the Pendraken painting competition was the chance to see what other wargamers were up to with the Pendraken 1809 range and how they were obviously having fun with the new figures.