My elite company trooper also received a modelling-putty bearskin colpack as in the Otto illustration. I painted the elite company trooper’s plume red as was usual for troopers of an elite company. The horse in the Otto painting is shown with a circular ornament on the breast strap of the harness. The Otto painting of the trooper (see the next post) has a heart-shaped ornament (which the Pendraken sculpts have). Both styles were used by the 24th. This is evidenced by relics found on the Marchfeld battlefields of 1809. I pinched some of the features from the Otto officer painting (see Post 150) for my junior officer carrying the regiment’s standard. This included painting the cloth saddlecloth trim the facing colour rather than the usual silver. I painted the flagpole red rather than the normal blue. I thought this went well with the orange and green of the chasseurs and wasn’t unusual as shown in David’s The Distribution of the Eagle Standards (see Post 85).

Elite Company of the 24th

POST 152