The trooper of the 24th is shown in the Otto painting  without a shako front- plate. This absence is confirmed by both a contemporary Martinet plate and a drawing by Albrecht Adam – and further endorsed by Rousselot. I cut the front plates off my Pendraken minis with a bit of a grumble as I’d made things harder for myself by having already started painting them. I also followed the Otto painting’s less than usual arrangement of cockade colours for my troopers. The trooper and trumpeter’s plumes in the Otto paintings are definitely a red that is meant to be different from the red-orange of the regiment’s facing colour. Rousselot, however, does not replicate this but painted his trooper of the 24th with a capucine plume. It could be that the Otto painting depicts a trooper of the second company of the first squadron who may have had red plumes to match their status alongside the regiment’s compagnie d’elite. We’ll never know. The Otto trooper’s pom- pom appears blue but it has been claimed that it is green.

24th Chasseur Troopers

POST 153