“I have personally spoken to the Emperor and informed him of my complete satisfaction with the Hessian Garde-Chevauxlegers.” General of Brigade Jacob François Marulaz, 1809 I hadn’t forgotten my Essling Grand Plan (see Post 145) but after the break in hostilities (see Post 154) I had, as I mentioned in the last post, virtually leapt on the first Napoleonic figures that presented themselves. Inspired by the pleasure of painting the Badeners I couldn’t stop myself wanting to paint some more of Napoleon’s German allies.

Hessian Garde-Chevaulegers

Hessian Conversions

I needed four Hessian chevauleger figures for Aspern-Essling (see OOB). With no 10mm Hessians available, I would need to improvise and have to convert the same Pendraken Bavarian chevauleger figures (NBV8) I’d used for my Baden Light Dragoons (see the last post). As the four miniatures would most likely be brigaded with other regiments on the tabletop, I chose not to use any command figures. In any case, the Hessian Garde-Chevauxlegers didn’t carry any standards. NEXT
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