Horse Furniture Blues

I painted the horse furniture of the 10th Regiment’s mounted colonel red. Unless he had his horse shot under him and appropriated a general’s second horse (possible) I really should have painted it blue, I suppose.

Sacré Bleu!

If I have a good quantity of a figure to paint, I prefer to save time in the long run by painting a sample first and get that right so that I don’t repeat any mistakes over and over again with the multitude. I was painting my first cuirassier – the French Napoleonic cuirassier is so iconic and fun to paint – and deciding whether to paint his sword’s scabbard metal or leather when I realised he didn’t have a scabbard at all! What would Marshal Bessieres say? Nothing hanging off his sword belt! Where’s he going to put his sword after a good day’s waving it about? Another job for the green stuff? With the usual Pendraken two variants of trooper (the other does have his scabbard) I was planning to acquire 54 of this fellow. That’s a lot of green-stuffing.