First Big Pendraken Order

No more samples now. In April I made my first substantial Pendraken order in advance of attending my first wargames show of the year, Carronade at the beginning of May. This required the usual wrestling with lists and orders of battle that went back to January and the start of the project. When I was making up my mind on figure scale of course I had one eye on the orders of battle for Aspern-Essling. Just how big were my armies going to be? Most importantly: how much painting would I have to do? Keeping in mind my wargamer’s knapsack and my proverbial replica marshal’s baton, I had to design my units around the orders of battle for the big showdown while still hoping that the unit sizes would also be appropriate for smaller battles along the way. It soon became clear that the basic tactical unit wouldn’t be the division, the brigade or the battalion but the regiment. However, it might be possible to represent detached squadrons, battalions and even companies on the battlefield. With all this in mind, with my orders of battle made up, I ordered a couple of corps’ worth of French and what would be my first Austrians, making sure I ordered all the unit command groups that I would need. Leon at Pendraken must be mentioned in dispatches for being very helpful – and proving that Pendraken is a very generous company to deal with!