I decided to paint a whole unit using the same technique as my trial figure. For what would be my first German infantry unit, I chose to paint a battalion of Infantry Regiment Nr. 44 Graf Belgiojoso. My uniform reference led me to believe that the unit’s facing colour was dark yellow. However, all other sources confirmed that the unit’s facing colour was in fact madder red so, keeping the yellow facings already begun, the unit as a consequence became Infantry Regiment Nr. 22 Koburg with emperor yellow facings, also part of the IV Corps at Aspern-Essling – so not at all a problem for my focus on the battle for the village of Essling. The regiment had three battalions. I thought it was important that every infantry battalion would have one easily identifiable command base, not necessarily the usual standard, drummer and officer on foot. I gave this battalion a mounted command figure rather than a foot command. The yellow facing colour I used was Foundry’s Lemon Shade 1A.

First Painted German Unit