Carneville Freikorps Infantry

At 208 men, the Carneville Freikorps infantry unit of two jäger companies was the smallest infantry unit at Aspern-Essling with its own distinctive uniform – according to Boué in Essling, similar to the earlier Austrian light infantry uniform: grey coats and lack of the usual large brass helmet plate. My plan was to field them together with the Carneville Freikorps cavalry – a unit of 115 men, presumably hussars – by mounting around six figures on two bases. I would probably need no more than three foot figures but as Pendraken’s Austrian cavalry didn’t yet have a release date, I didn’t exactly know what was going to go on the other base. Nonetheless, with these three figures painted I could tentatively claim to have finished painting another unit! Historically, the poor Carneville Freikorps infantry (described by Gill as inexperienced) were slaughtered approaching the village of Gross Enzersdorf almost to a man (200 of the 208) by French light cavalry before they’d got anywhere near Essling.