Austrian Jäger

I painted an Austrian Jäger trial figure. The pike grey of their uniform gave the Jägers the nickname ‘grey devils’. For this grey, together with the grey of the jackets of the Carneville Freikorps Infantry and Austrian coats in general, I decided – from the large number of grey paints I had available – to use Foundry’s palette 78 German Late Field Grey. There’s much debate over the exact look of Austrian pike grey. The general consensus appears to be that it was a bluish light iron-grey. However, Osprey colour plates show a grey very like Foundry’s German Late Field Grey with a violet tinge – that’s to say, with a bit of red as well as blue added. The Jägers’ grass green collars, cuffs and turnbacks were painted French Dragoon
Green Shade 70A with some highlights of French Dragoon Green 70B. For the time being, I only needed one unit of 15 jäger. These, the 1st Battalion Jäger, soon followed the trial figure.
1 Jäger (Bohemia) – chances are, more of the lower ranks would have had moustaches! I gave the officer blue Hungarian breeches.
Down the barrel of my Pendraken Austrian Jäger trial figure.