Pendraken released a few much anticipated Austrian 1809 packs on 1 August – the day of the Pendraken price rise. I got a substantial order in ahead of the price rise. After a vigorous wrestle with unit sizes and orders of battle, I ordered as many figures as I thought I would ever need from what was available, including bits and bobs from the Seven Years War and American War of Independence ranges that may well be commandeered into the 1809 ranks. Many thanks were due to Leon at Pendraken for dealing with all the specifics of my order.

Claymore 2012

4 August was a wargames day-out at Claymore, Edinburgh’s annual wargames show. I picked up my Pendraken order from Leon and Dave at the Pendraken stand – meaning, thankfully, that I didn’t have to pay postage on my 2.6 kg of Pendraken goodies! I also purchased five packs of Magister Militum 10mm figures to experiment with adding a bit of variety to the Pendraken hordes. All in all, a good day out and nice heavy bag to carry home – and I pointed Dave in the direction of some green stuff, needed to correct the helmet crests of the forthcoming Pendraken releases of Austrian cuirassiers and chevaulegers.
My 10mm Claymore stash.