One of my Kibri second-hand buys, a model of two attached townhouses – a favourite of mine because of its size and features –  was not as grand in size as my other Kibri purchases. A useful model but it required quite a bit of work to bring it onto the early-19th  century wargames tabletop. I began by removing down-pipes and guttering and ripping off a modern-looking lean-to. After peeling off the printed stickers (see Post 11), I made balsa wood and Milliput putty replacement timbers. I had to rebuild a small wall section with putty because of an original skew-whiff gluing job that was impossible to correct. I made a new chimney out of moulded plastic brick sheet that was a surprisingly easy DIY job. I couldn’t reach all the windows from the inside but I glazed the ones I could with clear plastic. I must admit I turned a blind eye to a double window frame that had been glued in a single window by the original owner – resulting in a single window frame on its side doing a botch job impersonating two window frames!

Kibri Townhouse Rebuild