New Year, New Website

2013 began with a major blog rebuild. My Flash version – which was basically one big movie file – served my blog aspirations well throughout 2012 but it had its quirks. Page linking, use of the back- button, and the movie taking longer and longer to load as the Blog got bigger being the main issues. A new HTML software package arrived in time for Christmas 2012 and the holiday period was spent rebuilding the existing site, which meant recreating over 90 pages as HTML pages. HTML meant proper page links and use of the back button – every page able to be bookmarked and linked to. And I was able to add more links within the text. The flag buttons of the Flash site were replaced with a navigation bar, allowing one-click links to every blog post. Hopefully, also, the Blog could now be visited on devices that were unable to access Flash sites, like some handhelds and phones. There were still some features missing from the new site that would need redoing but my hope was that my efforts had improved the experience of visiting the Blog.

A Whole Year of the 1809 Project

January 2013 also began a new year of my 1809 project. The Blog only went online at the beginning of May 2012 (see Post 22) but the project itself began in January 2012 with planning, buying the first terrain and figures, and learning Flash to create a Flash website.  I had great fun throughout the year  discovering new things, finding out what was possible, and planning for the future. As for New Year resolutions, I’d just like more of the same. And although wargamers simply love fact finding, my New Year’s resolution would be to keep the mantra alive that in any creative endeavour, ignorance is your greatest asset or I might get bogged down in the detail and forget to have fun!
French bronze medal of 1809