Pendraken Painting Competition Shots

My main entry for the Pendraken painting competition was the Seven Years War supply wagon that I converted into a French Napoleonic supply wagon (see Post 69). French regiments appear to have known the value of clear labelling to make it very obvious who owned what, boldly marking their baggage with bagages de and then the regiment’s name. I didn’t want my supply wagon to belong to a specific cavalry or infantry regiment so I roughed up the lettering of the regiment’s name to look worn and unspecific. LEFT View of the fusilier’s scabbard and coat tails and rope that I modelled. BELOW The photograph I entered in the competition’s Open Single Base category.


The converted artillery gunner was painted up as a line fusilier – because of his non-fringed epaulettes – but with the cross-belt and sabre of a member of an elite company. This casts him not so much as a wounded fusilier hitching a ride but as a fusilier who has been ordered to help out with the wagon train and armed with a sabre for convenience, his musket and backpack stowed away under the tarpaulin, perhaps.