An unfortunate footslogger  managed to get through not only the deflashing stage but a spraying as well as having a cooking pot modelled and stuck to his back before, at the beginning of the painting process – but even after a wash of brown paint – it was revealed that he was barely standing and should have been rushed off to the regimental aid post long before to have green stuff applied before returning swiftly to the ranks. Apparently, there was little in the way of sympathy in my army!
ABOVE Another poor unfortunate needing a little help from the green stuff. The French army thought it amusing to nickname raw recruits Marie Louise Infantry because their (future as we’re indulging in all things 1809) Empress had been a virgin when she married their Emperor. Perhaps they might have unkindly nicknamed these poor cripples Talleyrand Infantry after the French diplomat who, among other nicknames, was known as ‘the lame devil’ because of an unfortunate congenital disorder which prevented him from following family tradition by becoming a soldier.

Can I Be Excused, Sarge? There’s a Hole in My Leg!