56th Line Infantry Drummer

To convert the Pendraken figure to a fusilier drummer, I modelled ‘swallows nest’ wings over the epaulettes. I snipped off the figure’s plume and rounded the top of the pompon with putty.

93rd Line Infantry Drummer

The figure featured in Post 77 was intended to be the drummer of the 56th Line Regiment. However, I had him switch regiments and changed his plume colour to match his new regiment’s colour scheme. Philippe-René Girault who wrote of the 1809 campaign in his memoirs was a musician of the 93rd. He was probably 33 years old at the time. He also had to switch regiments in his military career.

Band of Drummers

I painted a Pendraken line infantry drummer figure as the drummer of each of the three infantry regiments that defended the village of Essling, the light regiment as well as the two line. RIGHT I had difficultly working out what was what in the area where the figure’s sable hilt, drum apron and sling come together – another of those spaghetti junctions of 10mm figure detail. Since photographing the drummer in Post 77, I changed the detail of this area a little. As it turned out, I ended up painting the area slightly differently on all the drummers.
Rousselot’s Napoleon’s Army includes superb reference for the 3rd Light Infantry that derives from a diary of an inhabitant of Luneberg kept from 1807 to the end of 1808, slightly predating the 1809 campaign but providing regimental distinctions that I, for one, just couldn’t ignore. I got out the green stuff and set to work to try and match the distinctions of the Rousselot reference, which was of a carabinier drummer. He is illustrated with no shako plate. I removed the figure’s plate and I added a simple green- stuff shako cord to match the sparse cords of the reference. I kept the fringed- epaulettes because the drummer was a carabinier drummer. As a point of interest, his drum cloth was not white but of a brown fur. RIGHT This figure came from a different batch of castings and thankfully, unlike the other two drummers, the base of the drum was fully cast.

3rd Light Infantry Drummer