The superb reference for the French 3rd Light Infantry regiment I mentioned in Post 81 (alongside the regiment’s drummer) illustrates an elite company carabinier of the regiment in a brown rather than the normal black bearskin – possibly the first example of a French Napoleonic brown bearskin. I had decided to use Pendraken line elite company figures for this regiment in an endeavour to have the light infantry unit match the square cuff flaps of the reference – this meant, unfortunately, that they would be dressed in trousers not the characteristic boot-shaped gaiters of the light
infantry. It would have been simpler to use elite company figures with shakos for carabiniers but I wanted to follow the Rousselot reference as much as possible. To get bearskin carabiniers with square cuff flaps on their coats, I had to use line grenadier figures but I had to putty over the front plates of the bearskins (see Post 72 for grenadier figures) as French carabiniers didn’t have plates on their bearskins. I wanted this regiment to have a front rank of firing figures so I had to use a couple of Imperial Guard grenadier firing figures, puttying over their bearskin plates as well. I also added a cooking pot to the backpack of one with left over green stuff.

Carabiniers of the French 3rd Light Infantry Regiment