General Boudet

With Boudet’s division shaping up, I needed a General of Division figure for the man himself. I didn’t plan to have miniatures to represent every General of Division but only to have command bases for divisions that could or did act as independent commands. Boudet  was certainly left to cope on his own at Essling when Marshal Lannes and the rest of his ad hoc Corps headed off in the opposite direction. With Pendraken not producing any French generals, I turned to Magister Militum and their French Mounted Commanders pack (FR501). I chose a figure because I liked
the way the general was leaning forward as if something had caught his attention. However, I didn’t care for his rather un-French shaped bicorne so I sculpted my own which I reckoned looked more like the classic hat design worn by both French generals and marshals. This putty effort,  I thought, was much more successful than my previous attempt at a French officer’s hat (see Post 66). I also gave his hat a more standard sized cockade.
(ABOVE) On the right, the original Magister Militum figure undercoated with spray primer. On the left, the general with his new putty hat, undercoated with brush-on primer (see Post 172).
POST 174