Compatible 10mm Austrians

Anyone who’s read through my 1809 Blog will be well aware of my desire for variety in my 10mm units – as opposed, especially, to multiples (that can easily be hundreds) of the very same castings. When it comes to the masses of line infantry rank-and-file in a tabletop army, surely three variants is the barest minimum? Three’s a crowd, after all. The volume of my huzzahs, therefore, will come as little surprise when I discovered that Lancer’s Austrian Line Infantry figures not only shared the same marching pose as Pendraken’s but also had the same marching- foot forward. Sculpted by the same sculptor who sculpted Magister Militum’s 10mm Napoleonic range, I expected the
Lancer figures to tower over their Pendraken counterparts (see Post 52). However, they turned out to be diminutive chaps next to the taller Pendrakens. I liked the idea of using the different sculpts to identify conscripts from regulars. I also liked the idea of mixing up the two Lancers with the two Pendrakens and getting a semblance of the variety I had long been craving. I prepped a mix of figures from both manufacturers to paint up as IR9 Czartoryski – part of Rosenberg’s IV Korps – to see how they would look together as a unit.
ABOVE Lancer and Pendraken Miniatures Austrian infantry side by side. LEFT Lancer and Pendraken Miniatures Austrian artillery beautifully compatible as far as I was concerned.
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