September 2015 10mm UK Prices

It was back in August 2012 that I last compared 10mm Napoleonic figure prices (see Post 40). Prices below are in UK pence and per figure. Some command figures will be more expensive.

Return to Essling

Now with my laser-cut business up and running, I had the opportunity to return to completing a model village for my own project. Over the years, I had bought so many Napoleonic buildings models I could put together many Essling villages in 10mm. However, as with most tabletop gamers, I had to cope with the demands of my chosen ground scale and to struggle to cram as many building models in what was a very tight space. I had designed and redesigned my 10mm Essling at least three times in plastic, resin, and again in resin but never been truly happy. In my mind, an Essling model needed three feature buildings: the famous granary, the post house or Schloss and a church. The built up area also had to include enough houses to make it look like a village and the houses should be the single storey type with stove chimneys that were typical of the region. It was a big ask from what was commercially available. But now, I was able to design and produce my own buildings – made to measure!
ABOVE The main street of Essling with the Schloss on the right.
10mm Manufacturer Lancer Old Glory strips Old Glory individual figures Redline Pendraken Magister Militum Irregular GHQ
Foot 12p 12p or 10p* 13p 13.3p 15p and 15.6p** 17.5p 20p 30.8p
Mounted 24p 40p 33.3p 30p 43.75p 40p 64p
Gun & 4 Crew 93.3p 152p 133.3p 150p 175p 120p 420p***
* cheaper price with Old Glory’s any 6 packs for the price of 5 deal ** 15p each in packs of 30, 15.6p in packs of 16 ***6 crew 10mm prices still varied dramatically. It was good to see Old Glory and Redline maintaining their prices but since 2012 Pendraken, Irregular and Magister Militum had raised their prices and the price of the GHQ figures distributed by Magister Militum had shot up to almost incomparable heights. Despite Irregular’s price rise, there was still no sign that their extremely minimal range had gone beyond a few experimental figures. On the other hand, it was heartening to see Lancer’s new and energetically expanding range being launched at a very attractive price point. As I mentioned previously, a true comparison of cost might need to include the price of postage and packing.
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