Acquiring Property

While waiting for my first samples of the new Pendraken 1809 range to arrive, I acquired a substantial suburb’s worth of N scale buildings. Even if you think the buildings are too big for wargames villages and only appropriate for towns and cities, there’s still lots of mouth-watering detail that can be put to use in the creation of your own self-builds. Never mind all those great windows and doors, anyone who’s ever laboured over creating
a tiled roof with heaps of minute pieces of card will appreciate the acres of to-scale tiled roofs available. My January property buying taught me that small truly is beautiful, the smaller buildings being far more useful that the more impressive substantial skyscraper-type properties. I found a very useful little windmill that was destined for the outskirts of the village of Essling once it had had a touch of tender loving remodelling.
RIGHT A cute but rather rundown N scale windmill in need of a bit of TLC.
Some of my N scale January purchases. The drainpipes, guttering, and pretty curtains would have to go.