30,000 Blog Visits

It was only back in February of this year that I was celebrating the 10,000th visit to my Blog (see Post 68). That was a bit of a milestone because of the slow beginnings of the Blog as a Flash movie site that was not so search engine and hand-held device friendly as the present HTML version. By June, it had taken much less time for blog visits to jump to 20,000 (see Post 89). Now at an even quicker rate, mid-September saw blog visits jump another 10,000 to 30,000! It seemed that most visitors still came to the Blog by The Miniatures Page, followed by visits from the Pendraken Forum. It was good to see that most search-engine visitors were bumping into the site by way of 10mm and 1809 searches. Even with over 100 posts, Post 50 had not been knocked off the most visited blog post spot. Over the last few months, I had begun to add reference pages to the 1809 Knapsack (on the menu bar) and to keep them updated. I had also started to put links there to blog posts of interest as reference. It was also my intention to pull material out of blog posts and put them in the 1809 Knapsack for easier reference and updating. As for searching the Blog, the Blog Index proved to be a quick and simple way of accessing posts of interest.

A Wee Quickie

Wargames have some similarities to movies. I’m not alluding here to the sense of drama, meticulous design, or the authenticity of research. Nothing so high minded. No. Just like the movies where the audience can follow the antics of a character for days without the character appearing to hear the call of nature, of the countless miniatures that I have seen over the years, our wee men never seem to be involved in the ever-so- important duty of going to the toilet. So to redress the balance in a very small way, here’s a cheeky chappie taking the opportunity to relieve himself against a wall. LEFT A TimeCast building and my converted outhouse with an unconverted Redline Austrian artillery gunner.
POST 107