LEFT The second batch of sample packs arrive. ABOVE Some of the new samples cleaned and ready for spraying. RIGHT Line infantryman straight out of the pack.

Second Batch of Samples

A second batch of Pendraken sample packs arrived in February. This order was met with as much excitement and enthusiasm as the first. All French packs again, it comprised one of cuirassiers, a pack of engineers, a pack of light infantry firing, and the first line infantry – seven packs with enough fusiliers to make three or more full units with elite companies and command figures. I was eager to get a firing figure as a height reference for terrain features such as walls to be fired over. The pack of lights also meant I could finish my first
light infantry regiment, and now with the line infantry packs I had enough figures for the whole of Général de Division Boudet’s division that defended the village of Essling.