As I was painting figures for my painting list’s biggest regiment – IR2 with emperor yellow facings – I couldn’t resist the temptation to paint some Hungarian grenadier test figures and paint them with the same yellow facings. As I mentioned in Post 120, four battalions of Austrian grenadiers would make a fine addition to my painting list and I had been wanting for what seemed like ages to have a go at painting some of the iconic fur-capped elite troops of the Habsburgs. The Pendraken Hungarian grenadiers came in the same Pendraken stock poses but with the welcome addition of a loading figure. The sculpts included the match case on the cartridge pouch strap – a nice detail. The match case was symbolic of the days when the grenadiers carried a match to light their grenades. A good period detail because the match case was replaced by a grenade badge after 1809. Shame, though, that the cartridge pouches didn’t have any indication, no matter how slight, of their grenade badges. I was looking forward to having a shot at painting the colourful ‘bags’ on the backs of the grenadiers’ fur caps. However, the Pendraken sculpts were sadly lacking the iconic shape of the Austrian fur cap, instead their caps were flat with only a small circular cap bag. Not at all the distinctive shape that the French nicknamed fauteuil, meaning ‘armchair’.

Pendraken Hungarian Grenadiers

POST 122