Following on from the last post, I had a pack of Magister Militum 10mm Austrian marching grenadiers (AT103) to hand so I was able to check the detail of the figures and compare them with the Pendraken sculpts – a firing and an advancing pose were also on the Magister Militum list. While the match case and cartridge pouch were obscured in Magister Militum’s single pose grenadier, the figure and both the officer and drummer figures all had properly sculpted fur caps. On the whole, the Magister Militum

Magister Militum Austrian Grenadiers

sculpts were excellent and they had lots of clear and accurate detail. However as excellent as they were they weren’t really my style, lacking a certain natural poise that some other 10mm Napoleonic figures had. I also appreciated variants of the same pose, such as Pendraken’s two marching figures – although I had an irrepressible appetite for more variants! It didn’t help, either, that Magister Militum castings were more expensive than Pendraken (see Post 40).
Austrian grenadiers attack the granary at Essling by Felicien baron de Myrbach-Rheinfeld.
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