Based IR2 Battalion

My second completed unit was a four-base battalion of Hungarian infantry. Not surprising- ly, a unit without a flag! – see the last post for excuses. But new flags were on the horizon! As I mentioned in Post 121, I didn’t plan to game with battalions larger than four bases. I based my first ‘big battalion’ – the Hungarians featured in the same post – painting up one more figure: a Pendraken Austrian artillery officer masquerading as an infantry officer. I couldn’t resist adding the officer in “Feuer!” pose commanding the firing line. I still kept the mounted officer and broke up the rear rank by relocating a front-rank firing figure. Basing infantry in firing pose for the first time neatly demonstrated one of the reasons I opted for 25mm bases. As I explained back in Post 37, having 10mm muskets overhanging bases might not be the best of plans. So it was good to see the firing figures mounted on bases that could potentially protect their worryingly fragile muskets. The 25mm bases also allowed an extra figure to fit in behind the mounted officer – so long as the horse’s head stuck out over the front of the base. But 10mm horse’s heads were much more robust than 10mm muskets.
POST 127