Based Pendraken Hungarian Grenadiers

Even though I only had one base-worth, I decided to base the Pendraken Hun- garian grenadiers from Post 122. The loading figure was a bit of an odd one. As grenadiers were the Habsburg army’s assault troops, an attacking pose might have been more appropriate. And odder as it was the only loading pose in Pendraken’s 1809 range, an attacking pose being twinned with a firing pose in four other Pendraken packs and nine other Pendraken firing-figure packs missing out on a second pose altogether. Aside from that, I liked the multi-poses of the base. At 1:50, all my Austrian grenadier battalions worked out neatly as 12-figure units on two bases (see Post 21). An Austrian grenadier battalion in 1809 was created by combining the companies of three regiments – each with its own facing colour. For my battalions with two bases, my plan was to simplify this by using only two facing colours per battalion, painting all the figures on each base the same facing colour. Therefore from the three historical facing colours of a battalion, I could choose whichever two I preferred.
I added to my painting list (see Post 120) the four grenadier battalions that were sent to attack Essling. My completed base was now no longer the grenadiers of IR2 as I stated in Post 122 but became the grenadiers of IR31, also with emperor yellow facings, who combined to form d’Aspre’s Scharlach Hungarian grenadier battalion that attacked the Granary. d’Aspre’s Kirchenbetter Hungarian battalion IR34 with madder red facings IR37 with poppy red facings IR48 with steel green facings Lindenhau’s Georgy battalion IR17 with light brown facings IR36 with mauve facings IR42 with orange facings d’Aspre’s Scharlach Hungarian battalion IR31 with emperor yellow facings IR32 with light blue facings IR51 with dark blue facings d’Aspre’s Scovaud battalion IR4 with light blue facings IR49 with pike grey facings IR63 with light brown facings
POST 128