New Year : 1814 + 200

This time last year (see Post 61) I spent a great

deal of time rebuilding my 1809 Blog,

converting it from a Flash site to an HTML site.

This January, I could concentrate on building

my 1809 armies.

Even after the calamities of 1813, 200 years ago, Napoleon was optimistic about the new year: “By the first fortnight in January we shall be in a position to achieve a great deal.” Napoleon was, it can’t be denied, quicker at putting new armies in the field than I was putting them on the tabletop. However things were still rosy in the 1809 Blog camp, now with the project into its second year. I had, at last, completed my first fully-based 10mm Napoleonic unit: the Grenzer battalion seen in the last post. One reason for this unit reaching the objective before the others and slipping in before the end of Leipzig’s bicentenary year was, simply, that it didn’t need a flag. New Year resolutions, therefore, had to include producing some appropriate 10mm flags as I wasn’t going to be able to finish many more units that I had already painted until I had flags for all the regiments that needed them. So, by the first fortnight in January I hoped – to be in a position to achieve a great deal. Well... to have more finished units on the tabletop.
Johann Adam Klein’s etching of a landscape painter drawn two hundred years ago in 1814.
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