Based Austrian Corps


The figures were mounted on a 30mm round base and the base finished off in the same way I texture all my bases destined for use with my terrain tiles. The aim was to use this corps commander to lead the assault on the village of Essling – if only as a stand-in for a future Pendraken release. As such, he already had a name.

FML Rosenberg

The Austrian attack on Essling village was led by Prince Franz. That’s to say, FML Rosenberg. Otherwise known as Prince Franz Seraph of Orsini-Rosenberg. He was born 18 October 1761 so was 47 at the battle. He had been in the service since 1780 and had been ranked Feldmarschall-Leutnant (similar to a French Général de Division) since 1801 when he returned to the army after a falling out over being “too critical of his superiors and colleagues” – a criticism of field commanders often made by the stuffy Austrian high command. Rosenberg is pictured with his hat fore-and- aft in Johann Peter Krafft’s painting of Archduke Karl (Charles) and his staff at the Battle of Aspern-Essling (see the page banner on the enter screen). If I wanted to recreate this characteristic, I would probably have to substitute my own converted figure in the future. Anyway with the first figures to be based, I now had an Austrian general ready to take command.