RIGHT A Redline general and a Pendraken mounted line infantry officer. BELOW 10mm French Staff line up: Old Glory general and Napoleon, Redline Napoleon and general, an interesting Pendraken officer from the French line artillery limbers pack (NPF29), and two Magister Militum generals. While Magister Militum are on the big side and Redline on the small, Old Glory appears to get the prize for the least stiff and most natural sculpts of the line up.

The Big Guys & The Small Fries

On first look, my sample Redline French figures appeared to be in a scale of their own. Lined up with figures from three other 10mm manufactures, they were certainly on the small side, giving the appearance of young lads on ponies alongside grown men on thoroughbreds. They didn’t deserve to be consigned to the melting pot but it might take quite a bit of creative thinking to work out where they could fit in alongside the other 10mm ranges.