Building an Extension

I constructed an outhouse for one of the TimeCast buildings featured in the last post from card, plastic sheet, and a Milliput copy of part of a wall of an N scale building. I used Instant Mold to make a small mould of a door and surrounding wall from the N scale building pictured in Post 6. Instant Mold is a must-have addition to the
wargamer’s toolbox. It makes it quick and simple to make small moulds from wargames bits and bobs and produce useful duplicates with green stuff and Milliput epoxy putty. As I mentioned back in Post 7, the N scale railway market provides the 10mm modeller with bundles of goodies. There’s no need to laboriously cut cardboard roof tiles, for example. I roofed the outhouse with a piece of Ratio tile roofing
plastic sheet – which I made sure I glued the correct way round! Given the price of a commercial N scale (contemporary style) building extension I recently spied in a local model shop, this little DIY build increased the value of my property at a mere snip.