ABOVE This chasseur à cheval officer with green stuff epaulettes and a turned head (see Post 45) is an example of how the one-off conversion can raise a 10mm’s neck without worrying about the strength needed to deal with the ordeal of the mould-making process. Remnants of the original collar line are still visible on the side of the face.
ABOVE Chasseur à cheval élite company trooper with green stuff twin fringed epaulettes and bearskin colpack with bag added. One-off conversions don’t have to be too precise as many mistakes can be sorted later with a nifty paint job.
Two chasseur à cheval simple conversions with a first wash of brown acrylic paint over an undercoat spray.

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A trip to a second-hand bookshop resulted in another batch of Napoleonic reference books to squeeze into the few remaining bookshelf spaces back at HQ. A couple of these provided more good information on French chasseurs à cheval, albeit specifically for the earlier 1807 campaign. But plenty of info to provide a wakeup call to get the mounted chasseurs back onto the work table. Although Pendraken appeared to have no plans to produce them, I wanted to include élite companies in my French cavalry regiments. So the green stuff was put to use in converting the necessary troopers.