Painting Competition Results

With all the Pendraken Painting Competition results confirmed, my competition hopefuls (see Posts 71, 72, 73 and 74) didn’t achieve the dizzy heights of an award of any kind. The supply wagon, though, did manage to come joint third in its category. Nevertheless, all my entries apart from the grenadiers picked up judges’ points which put them in the People’s Choice Award with 38 other entries. Again the supply wagon attracted the most votes and it ended up in joint fourth place on a poll of 74 voters. Best thing about the competition this year was that it speeded up some of the 1809 Project’s decision making – meaning, rather nicely, that more figures would end up on the table sooner!

French Shakoed Grenadiers

Another base of six line grenadiers was on the immediate painting list. Since I already had the grenadiers dressed in bearskin caps that I had entered in the painting competition, I thought it would add variety to paint up some grenadiers in shako from the Pendraken elite companies packs NPF8 and 9. Another reason to use the Pendraken grenadiers in shako rather than bearskins was that they could complete a French unit with a full front rank of firing poses as Pendraken bearskin-wearing grenadiers couldn’t as they were only available in marching poses. In Post 72 I mentioned the time spent on painting 10mm figures’ cuffs. Again, it was fun painting these grenadiers without the pressure of the exacting standards of the painting competition, although I hoped any differences wouldn’t be too obvious on the tabletop.
ABOVE Pendraken elite companies figures from packs NPF8 and 9 with square cuffs, plumes, fringed epaulettes and sabres. The grenadiers’ emblematic red is my usual Napoleonic red: Foundry British Red Coat Shade 68A.