On the Worktop

After I completed the stretcher bearers featured in the last post, my workbench was still covered with other uncompleted conversion projects. They were all part of a metal cutting, sawing, filing and drilling session that had taken over the worktop. I had deflashed all the Pendraken latest releases I needed from my Carronade buy (see Post 88) to complete the Austrian forces for the attack on Essling village. That was one job done. I also had a number of French conversions that I’d started a while back and some recent Austrian conversion projects, all showing signs of a liberal slicing off of heads and limbs. Before I did any more serious mini-surgery, I needed to clear away the metal filings and get out the green stuff for a much-needed modelling-putty session.   LEFT The stretcher bearers featured in the last post had leapt ahead of a pile of other conversion projects.