Austrian Supply Wagon

I put together an Austrian supply wagon from a couple of Pendraken limber horses, a Pendraken Austrian engineer, and an Irregular First World War wagon – the pieces seen on my worktop in the last post. I decapitated one of the limber horses to create a new head position. One of its legs was in a sorry state, missing its foot – since there was already a bit of modelling to do I thought I’d go a step further and cut off and reposition the leg. The engineer figure was holding a spade which I removed together with the right arm and left hand. I
chopped off the right leg and bent back the left a little. Then all I had to do was to putty all the pieces together. I only had to fill the gaps on the horse, model a little mane, remedy the reigns, and create a hoof. With the engineer, I had to model the right thigh, right arm, and both hands. Nothing particularly taxing but I failed yet again to provide an armature – this time to help with the engineer’s right arm – resulting in the usual difficulties in sculpting unsupported putty. The Irregular wagon (TWM2) is a single-piece casting. The only thing I did to it was to file away the fixings at the end of the pole because otherwise the pole would have appeared too short.