Painted Austrian ADC

Austrian General Staff aide-de-camps wore the green coat, cocked hat, and officer’s sash of the Generalstab. Pendraken produced a staff officer figure as part of their Austrian High Command pack (NPA26). I planned to see if I could use this figure as an ADC. Meanwhile, I converted a Pendraken Austrian hussar trooper into a regimental hussar acting as an ADC bearing a written order (see Post 93). Austrian hussars of the Napoleonic Wars are well-known for their brightly coloured uniforms. The Pendraken sculpts all wear the overall trousers that were common to all Austrian cavalry for service dress. Sad to say concealing their coloured breeches. So my army would never see the full colour splash of the Austrian hussars – but an awful lot of grey trouser painting! I painted the ADC as a hussar of Regiment No. 2 with light blue jacket and
pelisse and red shako – with hidden light blue breeches. This regiment was not present at Aspern-Essling so it was an excuse to have another – brightly coloured – uniform feature in my 10mm Austrian army.
The figure, like a few other Pendraken models, has unfortunately only half a moustache, meaning that a bit of creative painting is necessary to produce the missing half – but leaving the face looking somewhat lopsided.