Austrian Erzherzog Ferdinand Carl d’Este Hussars No. 3 : The Koburg Hussars

The Austrian hussar featured in the last post was the first Pendraken Austrian hussar figure I had painted of a rather large pile I had bought.
Next off, there was a 16-figure unit on my painting list (see Post 41).  The Austrian hussar regiment Erzherzog Ferdinand No. 3 was distinguished by pike grey shakos and dark blue jackets and pelisses for which I used Foundry’s German Late Field Grey Light 78C for the shakos (see Post 32) and – as the blue was very dark – Foundry’s Prussian Blue Shade 66A highlighted with Foundry’s French Blue Shade 65A for the jackets and pelisses. I decided to offset the regiment’s dark blue uniform with white rather than black lambskins. The lambskin over the saddlecloth for Austrian cavalry was generally black – even when the ‘German’ cavalry were officially ordered to use white. However, white lambskins – and not exclusively for parade dress – are in evidence. As I mentioned in the last post, all the hussars are dressed in service dress light ‘mixed grey’ overall trousers.