Based Austrian ADC

I based my converted Pendraken Austrian ADC (see Post 93 & Post 96) on a 20mm MDF round (Warbases) base just as I had based my French ADC (see Post 50).

Based Austrian Wagon

The Austrian wagon I put together (see Post 92 & Post 94) was mounted on a 25 x 50mm MDF base that I cut myself. The as-bought horse and the converted one were only subtly different but the difference was worth the effort I thought. Together they seemed to create a more natural appearance of moving horses than an identical pair could – at least, for me. Also, my preference was for draught horses that looked less alert and more weary as they dragged their load along.
25mm was more than wide enough to accommodate two 10mm horses. They could easily have fitted on a 20mm wide base. But I had decided to maintain a consistent base width of 25mm for all troop types so I based my Austrian wagon as I had based my French supply wagon (see Post 71) on a base 25mm wide – the French wagon being mounted on a base 75mm long.