A matter of debate in wargames circles was whether Grenz infantry should be based as close order troops or as skirmishers in open order because, apparently, Napoleonic Grenzers were not used exclusively as light infantry. For this reason, many figure manufacturers supplied both marching and skirmishing Grenzer poses – as did Pendraken in 10mm. However based on my reading of the battles of 1809, the Grenz regiments appeared to either act as sharp-shooters ahead of the main body of a corp or be deployed in bad going or built-up areas. Therefore, it seemed appropriate for gaming the Franco-Austrian War of 1809 to base Grenzers as skirmishers in open order – which is what I did. I based my painted battalion of Grenz Regiment No. 13 (see the last post) in open order, three figures instead of six to a standard 25mm-square base – in effect doubling the close-order frontage. I resisted the temptation to over-populate the bases with cover. I felt it better not to get too botanical with adding tufts and twigs in case the figures found themselves in a built-up area looking somewhat out of place. Originally (see my previous thoughts on basing back in Post 37) I had wanted to base skirmishers on round bases. It was a fine idea for larger scales but with smaller scales and rules that excluded figures representing skirmish screens, it became more or less impractical. The only 1809 infantry figures that I planned to base solely in open order were Austrian Jäger and Grenzers. I felt it was important to give these open-order units a proper unit frontage which a round base couldn’t provide.

Based Grenzer Battalion

I needed one unit of 12 Grenzer figures (see Post 120) to represent a battalion of 650 men of the Wallach-Illyria  Grenz Regiment No. 13 at 1:50, rounded down.
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