More Based Pendraken Hungarians

My Hungarian infantry regiment Sztaray IR No. 33 had appeared a couple of times already on the 1809 Blog (see Post 105). It had provided the 100 men for my 100th Post image (see Post 100). It was now nearly all based. I say ‘nearly all’ because as I mentioned in Post 126, my 10mm regiments were still lacking flags. So IR33 with dark blue facings was complete except for one unfinished base. I’d actually planned to make IR33 a regiment of 54 figures and had painted all the figures. I then decided to round down all Austrian regiments, IR33 being reduced to 48 figures – it had 2,470 men present at Essling (49 figures at 1:50 rounded down to 48). So, in effect, I had based all 48 figures of the regiment. Nothing’s quite so simple in wargames land, however. I had, of course, to include the command base that was only waiting for its flag. Meaning that I would have an extra base I didn’t need for IR33. All to the good as I planned to transfer the base to another regiment – a regiment with a different facing colour, I must confess, but perhaps only a temporary transfer.
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