Nothing like setting a realistic goal as a New Year resolution and starting the year with a nice big figure order! I had made a resolution to get hold of some of the new Pendraken 1809 Bavarians that were released in September last year. The Bavarian range was released in pretty much a complete state, only missing out, perhaps, on a general and the distinctive Bavarian limber that had a seat for the gunners. I first put in an order which would have allowed me to field one Bavarian division from the 1809 orders-of-battle. However as soon as I was aware that a Pendraken price rise was imminent, I added enough figures for another division to my order. The Bavarians were organised into three fairly similar divisions for the Franco- Austrian War of 1809 but no more than two were united for any length of time. I ordered enough line and light infantry, chevauleger, dragoons, and artillery to be able to field any two at a time.
I made sure I stocked up on enough French and Austrian limbers for the foreseeable future – not easy considering my habit of appropriating limber bits and pieces for the odd conversion (see Post 71 and Post 115). I also scoured the Pendraken lists for any odds and ends I thought might be useful as conversions for the 1809 tabletop – which included, as it turned out, a couple of Science-Fiction packs! In all, more than 2.5kg of Pendraken goodness was dropped through my letterbox by my friendly postman.

New Year Resolution

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