Disorder Markers

With my homebrew rules taking shape (see Post 158), it was becoming much clearer what tabletop markers I wanted and needed. After deciding to use dice as casualty markers (see Post 160), I was free to use the miniatures I had planned to use as casualty markers as disorder markers instead. There was only one casualty marker commercially available in 10mm: a Pendraken generic horse. I had converted a stretcher bearer party (see Post 90) and a wounded soldier on a hand cart (see Post 115). However, I also wanted to use supply wagons (see Post 71), carts (see Post 98) and mules (see Post 35) to mark disorder. Of course ‘disorder’ was all-encompassing. It could simply mean that ammunition was running low. So why not mark that with someone trying to help out with supplies? Also, I thought this was a fine way of including a ragtag of equipment train and hangers-on (miniatures I like so much!) in my games. Blast- of-smoke markers were simpler to produce and I would certainly have a shot at making some. The only real distinction was that while troops would be mounted on square bases, markers should have round bases or square bases with round corners. This thought set me off wondering if I was willing to take a file to the corners of the bases of the horse-drawn vehicles I had already based.
LEFT & BELOW Disorder markers based on 20mm round bases. The idea of the smoke markers was that earth and stones were being thrown in the air by the blast.
POST 166