The Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

1 May marked the anniversary of my 1809 Blog going online – a whole year of 1809 blogging! My 1809 project began in January 2012 but the Blog only went online at the beginning of May 2012 (see Post 22). In its first year the Blog notched up 17,736 visits. A good number – but , of course, 18,090 visits would have been a more perfect number for my 1809 Blog’s first year! Of the 86 posts totalling 117 pages that I uploaded in the first year, the most popular post, by far, was Post 50 – my 10mm French ADC conversion. At the same time, my referral post on the Pendraken Forum increased its views to 9430. It was only back at the beginning of February (see Post 68) that I was whooping at the Blog’s first 10,000 visits and the 6,000 views of my Pendraken Forum referral post. It’s true what I said in Post 68, that since I reworked the Blog as an HTML site from a solely Flash site, visits had escalated considerably. Having never kept a blog before, starting the 1809 Blog was an experiment and I would never have kept blogging throughout my first year without the help and encouragement, criticism and praise of the gamers and collectors, retailers and historians who took the time to chat, post some words online, or send me mail. And, while the Blog progresses casually and playfully on into its second year, the project will remain happily and heroically fixed in the year 1809!
The fascination for all things 1809 continues during the Russian campaign of 1812. (With thanks to Hippolyte Bellange.)