Revolting Arabs

I used modelling putty to fill in the gaps in the horses’ reins of the Arab figures featured in the last post. I also gave each rider a new foot to extend their rather short right legs. I mounted the figures on 20mm round MDF bases (see Post 7). In If the Lord Spares Us rules, Arab irregulars are mounted on round bases and all move as cavalry. As all Arab irregular bases are treated the same, I could happily mix foot and mounted figures on them. I added a couple of Pendraken Afghan infantrymen in a running pose to the unit – trying to keep up with the high- kicking Arab horses. According to the rules, miniatures should be based in pairs but it didn’t worry me at all to have just one mounted figure on a base. The alternative was to have a base size that could comfortably accommodate two mounted figures. But this would, I thought, have looked too big for two foot miniatures.
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