Basing the Miniatures


Base sizes in If the Lord Spares Us are designed for 15mm figures. These can be simply used as they stand or scaled down. The basic infantry frontage is 25mm for two figures. Irregulars are designed to be mounted on 25mm round bases, also two figures to a base. I thought 10mm foot figures looked too spaced out on these base sizes so I resolved to reduce them. I decided to use 20mm as the basic base frontage for two regular infantry figures and to mount irregular infantry figures in pairs on 20mm round bases.


Anyone starting out on a First World War wargames project has to consider fairly soon how trenches are going to be represented in their games. In fact, as the majority of Great War battles involved trench warfare of some kind, it would be unwise not to give a little thought to future trench modelling before settling on infantry base sizes. My plan was to model trenches by cutting into my terrain tiles (see Post 59 of my 1809 Blog). As most desert trenches were not elaborate constructions, I didn’t want mine to be any wider than the depth of an infantry base. (I also wanted to design my trenches around standing not kneeling or lying down figures.) I could have clipped the metal bases of the miniatures and squeezed them on to 10mm-deep bases. However, I opted for an infantry base depth of 15mm. This would make for wider trenches but the figures would fit on them better and, also, they would be more similar to the proportions of the bases in the rules – and they would be easier to pick up!
Troop Type Infantry Battalion Command Machine Gun Machine Gun Command Cavalry Cavalry Command Arab Irregulars Artillery Mountain Gun Armoured Car Tank Non-Combatant Markers Brigade HQ Signallers Casualty Marker Pack Animals Civilians Barbed Wire
Base 20 x 15mm 20mm disc 25mm disc 20mm disc 25 x 25mm 25mm disc 20mm disc 30 x 40mm* 25 x 25mm* 25 x 40mm* 25 x 50mm 40mm disc 25mm disc 20mm disc 25mm disc 20mm disc 25mm hex
Figures 2 2 1 Gun Team 2 2 1 2 1 Gun 1 Gun 1 1 2 or 3
Imperial 4 bases x4 1 4 bases 1 3 bases x3 1 1+ 2-4 bases
Turkish 3 bases x4 1 1 3 bases x4 1 1+ 2-4 bases
Strength 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 3 4 6 4
TABLE ABOVE Troop Type: the different troop types in ITLSU rules. Base: my planned adapted base sizes. Figures: the number of figures per base. Strength: the base’s strength factor in the rules. Imperial/Turks: the basic units of the armies in the rules. * These base sizes were more likely to change than any other as the project progressed.


I made a preparatory list of all the different base sizes I planned to use for my 10mm WW1 gaming. Any of these could change as the project progressed, and some were more likely to change than others. I also had an eye on basing horse handlers, artillery spotters, engineers, livestock and stores.
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