Signals Base

In If the Lord Spares Us, signals bases are used to link command bases with units, allowing commanders to extend their command and control range. Every commander (except Arab commanders) is allocated a number of signal bases depending on their leadership quality. I used one of Pendraken’s generic miniatures – a hatless signaller with a field telephone (WW2) – as a figure for a signals base. Being
bareheaded, he gave me the idea of having a tent to shield him from the blazing desert sun. I made a tent of PVA-soaked tissue paper over a frame of wire, first drilling holes in the MDF base for the wire uprights. I modelled some grout to look like stones holding down the canvas. I added a simple carrying box – just a piece of balsa wood with modelling-putty handles. Originally, I had planned to use 25mm as the base width of all my bases for my WW1 Middle East project. Consequently, I mounted my signaller on a 25mm round base. However, with my change of plan to downscale to 20mm as the basic base width (see Post 7) I could have gone with 20mm round signals bases. But having already mounted my signaller on a 25mm round base, it was tempting to stick with the larger size for signals bases – if only to allow space to get creative, modelling the odd vignette or two.
ABOVE The beginnings of my signal base: a wire frame glued into holes in a 25mm round MDF base.
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